Utility Rates and Deposit Information

Meter Deposit Fees       (Effective 07/01/2013)


Electric Deposits:

Electric Meter Deposit:         $350 (elec + water $425)

  w/electric heat                    $425 (elec + water $500)

Temporary/Construction Meter:      $75

Bad Debt / Written Off Acct:   $600


Water Deposits:


Water-Only meter               $200

 Utility Rates            Effective 7/29/2014


Electric Rates:


Basic Charge:        $20.00

Energy Charge for all kWh    0.1442


Small General Service:

Basic Charge:                                                  $42.00

Demand charge for all kW in excess of 10       $15.11

        Energy Charge for the first 3000 kWh       0.14710

                                          next 2000 kWh      0.12561

                                     for all additional           0.11172


Large General Service:

Basic Charge:                                       $87.00

Demand Charge for the first 50 kW        1024.50

 for all demand in excess of 50                    20.65

Energy charge for all kWh                         0.08076

Utility Sales Tax                     7%

Water Rates:

In-Town Residential:

Basic Charge                                            $18.00

Fee per 1000 gallons (1st 3000 gallons)       4.83

  over 3000 gallons                                       5.33


Out of Town Residential:

Basic Charge                                             $23.50

Fee per 1000 gallons (1st 3000 gallons)       5.78

   over 3000 gallons                                     6.18


Water Adjustment Rate:  $3.35 per 1000 gallons

Sewer Rates:

(Sewer charges based on water gallon usage)

In Town Residential:

Basic Charge                                             $19.00

Fee per 1000 gallons (1st 3000 gallons)      4.78

    over 3000 gallons                                 5.33


Out of Town Residential:

Basic Charge                                           $33.00

Fee per 1000 gallons (1st 3000 gallons)     5.88

    over 3000 gallons                                6.41


Garbage Collection Rates:

Residential      $18.00

Commercial      $42.00

Dumpster         $164.00 (Mon-Thurs-Fri collection)





Energy Depot

Energy Depot


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